Earlier this month Viral Music Media hosted VMM Sessions to announce their company platform for creators in the music industry. The platform manages the music works of the creator (whether an artist or producer), and synchronizes their work with some form of visual placement. Movie trailers, video games, commercial ads, are just a few of the placements Viral Music Media assist in providing for the creator. Furthermore, the event provided opportunity for tastemakers to connect with each other and build relationships for future endeavors.

As added entertainment to the event, triple threat artist Law Lesane featured his recent projects which displayed just how talented and unique this individual is. In addition, Law was interviewed in front of spectators and shared his struggles and accomplishments throughout his career and what sets him apart from any other artist in the music industry currently. By recent reviews, Law Lesane is without doubt a force to be reckoned with.

J2 the music producer accompanied the event as well and opened many eyes to how the process of sync licensing has worked for him. J2 has an incredible resume which should inspire the next global music producer in the making. He has placed music on some of the top block buster’s known in the industry which include The Hunger Games- The Exhibition & The Mocking Jay Part 1, Divergent, and, Terminator- Genisys to name a few. J2 has collaborated with numerous heavy hitters in the industry, and welcomes up and coming producers to submit their work to him for his insight and feedback.


All in all, the event was a hit; the word is out, and the possibilities are endless! Viral Music Media will be hosting their next VMM Sessions real soon, giving the next creator something to look forward to. Be on the lookout for more info which will be found on www.ViralMusicMedia.com


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