You’ve got questions? We’ve got some answers. Read our FAQ to get a better idea of how VMM Sync works for artists.

How much compensation will I receive when my songs are licensed by Viral Music Media?

Compensation will vary greatly based on the scope of the project and purpose of the songs employed. Placements can range from under $100 to thousands of dollars for a single agreement. Usage agreements are all very different and calculations are based on the Sync Licensing & media outlet, number of units produced or number of viewers, number of times it is used and many other factors related to the particular type of media employed.

How much of the licensing fee does Viral Music Media commission when they secure a placement?

Viral Music Media commissions 50% of the gross licensing fee.

Does Viral Music Media keep any of my royalties?

Yes. We keep 50% of the publishing royalties. You retain 100% of your writer’s share.

Do I get to approve a specific license proposal? Can I say no to a particular use of my song?

Only if the license is for exclusive use. For non-exclusive licenses, which are the vast majority of deals we make, the rights of approval are solely ours. When you sign up with Viral Music Media, you are hiring us to act as a licensing agent for Promote my music, and as such to use our best discretion to make non-exclusive agreements on your behalf. The agreement you sign when you begin work with Viral Music Media gives us pre-cleared rights to your music for potential licensing. But this is the pepperoni on the pie! This is why we are effective, and it’s the main reason why music supervisors call us first: Viral Music Media can promote your music the same day that it is requested.

What do your clients do with my music?

Once an agreement is reached, our clients can only do with your music what is agreed upon in the licensing arrangement. That might include: Sync to footage for tv, film, videos, games, mobile apps, run as background music for any of the above, or run in television ads.

Will my music be edited?

It’s possible. The client might need to edit your music to better suit their needs, meaning, specifically, starting at a certain point in the piece and cutting off the music at a certain point. Its volume may be altered. However, they will NOT be going into the track and remixing it, adding to it, etc. If they do ask for a track mixed differently or significantly altered or certain things taken out, etc., we will come to you and ask that you do it.

If I authorize Viral Music Media to license my music, can I still work with other agencies?

Sure! Standard licensing is non-exclusive so you can use the same piece as often as you like for other projects. If one of our clients specifically requests exclusive rights to a song of yours, you will be contacted, given requested terms of the agreement and ONLY YOU will have final say in that decision.

What if I already have a record or publishing deal?

A signed agreement MUST be received by any / all co-writer(s), record labels, or companies that have control over any of the copyrights and intellectual properties in the sound recordings and songs that you submit. Without such consent, promote your music will not be considered.

How long is my music kept in the Viral Music Media catalog? How long is the term of our agreement?

Initial term is two years. You decide after that point if you want to continue working with us.

How do I remove my music from the Viral Music Media catalog?

After your initial two-year term, you can remove your music at any time. You must submit your request in writing and allow at least 90 days for all pending agreements to clear. If you have been signed to a label, it is solely your responsibility to make them aware of your former agreements for license and usage in projects through Viral Music Media.

Why does Viral Music Media need SS #, Tax ID # and W-9 tax forms as part of the agreement?

In compliance with the Federal Tax requirements, we must report all wages and income received by US citizens to the IRS using your SS or Tax ID number. We cannot issue payment without this information.

How long is my music kept in the Viral Music Media catalog? How long is the term of our agreement?

Initial term is two years. You decide after that point if you want to continue working with us.

If I would like payment made to my company do you need my SS# as part of the agreement?

No, if payments will be made out to a registered business name, you will need to submit the Federal Tax ID Number.

What kind of music do Viral Music Media’s clients want?

Our clients want high-quality, well-made, well-recorded music in all genres. This music and recording quality needs to stand up to the best that is out there, because that is what we are competing with, so keep that in mind.

Do I have to sign up with a performing rights organization like ASCAP or BMI?

You don’t have to, but it is definitely in your best interest to do so. Every time your music is aired ASCAP or BMI tracks it and will send you a royalty check. Rates vary according to when, where and how often the song was aired. Yeah, so, you don’t have to, but you’re crazy if you don’t. DO IT!

How does Viral Music Media share my music with its clients?

Viral Music Media has a membership only platform that holds all of the music that allows clients to search, discover, stream, and license your tunes. We classify each song with up to 200 unique attributes, so when our clients do a search, they get qualified results. Furthermore, we pull music for clients and drop it in their playlists, and even share artist news on our social networks.