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kamal-studio-smallViral Music Media and it’s partners are at the forefront of the music publishing industry. In an industry obsessed with the next hot song, many songwriters have catalogs and songs, that make money, but are under served and under marketed and find their income has plateaued and is steadily declining.

With the growth of the Internet music, old and new, is in such high demand, if you know where to look for opportunities. We have stepped up to help, both emerging songwriters and established songwriters and publishers monetize their income streams. This can be done in multiple ways Whether we find someone to purchase or lend against your song or catalog, or we administrate your music to help you find placement, or take you under our wing and help market your song or catalog to the masses; we can help you put more money in your pocket. 

Based in Los Angeles for the past 16 years we own and publish music magazines; digital and print. We have our own in-house team of writers, bloggers, and social media experts that allow us to be creative partners in helping our songwriter clients brand themselves and develop relationships they would not typically be exposed to. We are also constantly developing placement opportunities in the film, television, advertising, & video game productions world.

We are open to administering, to purchasing, and to being assigned catalogs across multiple music genres; rock, country, Rap, R&B, pop, K-pop, Gospel, Christian, and so on. We are committed to helping our songwriter clients achieve long lasting success in the ever changing music world.