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Gone are those days when there was not many options to promote music as well as artists. Whole world is moving towards digitization and due to this we have a vast array to platforms where an artwork can be published. This is probably the reason behind why being a talented musician or a singer is not sufficient in order to survive in this competitive era. The music industry has changed drastically within last decade and increased number of platform options for publicizing a talent has made commercial music license is a must have.

We at Viral Music Media has a team of industry’s best experts who have 17 years of rich experience in marketing and for dealing with commercial music license as well as music promotion sites. We always go an extra mile to ensure our artist’s success by popularizing in various social media channels, television shows, advertisement and many more. We offer fan engagement plan for increasing the number of fans at a faster pace with blog placement services where we target right customers through right content.

Music licensing happens everywhere where music exists. Any popular music that is being used for television shows, radio channels, restaurant, and across other platforms are all licensed. Our licenses are sold and brought every day because of its benefits. There are various types of licenses that are being used in music industry.

With a rapid increase in use of social media channels, music promotion sites are one of the leading modes of publicity. These are probably fastest mode of publicity these days. Viral Music Media offers various packages where we help in growth and management of artists through social media impressions. One can choose one for 100,000 social media impressions/ 2,50,000 impressions as well as 5,00,000 social media impressions. Increasing social media presence will be unbelievably easier with us.

Influencing customers through music promotion sites is one of our specialty and we have helped many popular faces in achieving desired name and fame through our impeccable marketing approach. We never fail to portray the best talent in the best possible way through the best possible media channels.


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