Singles & EP Release


Engagement with Fans
Our Engagement consist of weekly focused topics, key music and video placements, and curated content that relates to Stix. All while infusing visual banners/players to get viewers familiar with the singles and visual releases.
Creative Curated Content
We created creative curated content exclusively targeted to his database. By doing this we are growing Stix email database and engagement on all of his social media platforms. See content here
Our results was measured by the % of engagement, the clicks and opens of emails and the conversation for a period. First single release – 78 blogs Clicks and Opens – Up -142% Digital Transactions from Clicks & Opens for key engagements – Up 47% (based on the number of emails starting to current growth) For more things check out www.thinkwatts.com
Project Details

Date: February 13, 2017

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