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Music is much more than mere entertainment. It has been a feature of every known human society—anthropologists and sociologists have yet to find a single culture throughout the course of human history that has not had music. It is a premium source for musicians, songwriters to find creative out of the box strategies to increase revenue and market shares. In fact, many evolutionary psychologists today make the argument that music predated language. We here at Viral Music Media are an online music licensing agency providing everything about music such as licensing, publishing, discovering, and marketing.

We at Viral Music Media gives platform for commercial music license & help building your own music in tv, films, commercials, video games and digital content. Don’t just let your music sit make your music and let our curators to pitch yours. Thinking about so much in helping everyone building their own music is not everyone’s cup of tea. Viral Music Media has creative teams to assist you in graphics, websites, and blog designs to give you the edge in building and growing your database of “super fans” through your social media and blog post.

The fastest way to launch your commercial music license is Social Media. Today’s social media “influencers” are the key in making your music go viral. For 17 years we have had their ear.  We place your music on the platforms of key “influencers” which debuts your music to be heard faster today than any other time ever in music. Our “influencer” partners have powerful reach. They can set trends in music and influence buying habits.  Our list is composed of bloggers, musicians, fashionistas, DJs, editors, reality stars and more with huge followings across multiple social media platforms apps and websites.

Viral Music Media has made online music licensing possible through its 10 weeks marketing strategy. Our 10 week marketing plan includes strategies and a step by step guide on operations. With this plan our licensing members will know how to make a living with their music without the need to waste money on the wrong marketing companies.

Believe it or not its Viral Music Media who does it all….


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