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Our marketing packages are curated from our 17 years of marketing your favorite brands and artists to reach specific results for brands, singles and videos.

Fan Engagement
  • Helps guide fans/new fans know your direction from post, social media and emails. (20 curated post a month / 4 - Email blast to your built data base / includes minor blog placements & social media marketing)
weekly growth & engagement results provided for a min run of 2 months
25K Targeted Email Blast
  • Email 25.000 targeted consumers to brand & gain new fans, Database includes; Hip Hop, RnB, Fashion, Food, Electronics & Health
Results of Opens/Engagement in 24 hours & 1 Week
Blog Placements
  • Gets your content, music and videos placed on 20 various targeted websites that will help your outreach and gain new fans. (We have urban market, pop culture, food, business, and fashion listed sites avail for blog placements)
result links in 3 to 4 days
100k Targeted Media & Radio Blast
  • Email 100,000 music professionals & consumers. This list consist of media outlets, radio:DJ's and Program Directors, Influencers, Bloggers, and Editors
Results of Opens/Engagement in 24 hours & 1 Week
Web/Blog Site Design
  • Our creative team will work fast designing your Web/Blog site which is the main digital asset artists needs. We will build and add your past content up to 2 years. All sites have the ability to gain emails and track where web traffic is coming from.
web/design takes 2 weeks to complete
National AP Email Blast
  • Email your content, press release to a national AP list, Worldwide radio: DJ's, Program Directors, Bloggers, Editors, Influencers and consumers
Results of Opens/Engagement in 24 hours & 1 Week