Our sync team is in constant contact with the best music supervisors, creative agencies, advertising agencies, and film studios for sync placement. 

No Submission Fees

Whether you have a Non-Exclusive or Exclusive VMM Sync Licensing agreement there are no Submission fees while your account is active.

A&R Support

VMM Sync Team wants your music to sound better than the last song submitted, so we provide our resources and our experience.

Changing  Your Music

We give our sync partners the power to change music whenever they want. As long as there are no sync deals pending.


VMM Sync team must curate your music and receive payment in full before an account is created. please email syncmanager{at}viralmusicmedia.com to submit music and see if you are approved before paying the annual fee.

Annual fee

VMM Sync has an annual account management fee to maintain the system we have that holds your profile, music, and capabilities. We have 3 types of profiled accounts. Each account receives the same level of service but the amount of space used for holding music varies.

Choose Your Profile Account

To activate your account with VMM Sync through Paypal choose your account status. If you would like to activate your account with a major credit card outside of Paypal please contact your Sync Manager.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got some answers. Read our FAQ to get a better idea of how VMM Sync works for artists.